i know that the big news of the day was the shutting down of Boston and the capture of the 2nd suspect of the Boston Marathon bombing (#FirstRespondersROCK). but speaking for myself, today marks four weeks until i get to see “Whose Live Anyway” for the first time since november 2011.

they are returning to texas for the first time, as a group, in several years. although, i was fortunate to see Jeff Davis in Austin in january.

in any event, i have been thinking about and planning for and looking forward to this event since it was announced last july. i still have a few minor tasks left to accomplish, but the heavy work has been done already, thankfully.

i’m still stressed about it (then again, i’m STRESSED about most everything in my life right now), but i think i’ll get EVERYTHING done in time and be able to enjoy myself immensely on May 17th & May 19th.Image


my first official blog post

okay, firstly, i DON’T do capital letters, save for names of people I respect and for emphasis. if you have a problem with that, too damn bad.

secondly, i do cuss a bit, but not much. just so you know…

thirdly, i’d rather be behind the camera than in front of it. but i have had two photo sessions so far this year and will likely have at least two more. now whether i post any of them or not depends on how happy i am with the end result. but i’m working on it.

other than that, right now i’m in a good mood, thanks to my favorite comedian, who did me a spectacular favor. more on that and a whole host of other things later.

hope you have a good day tomorrow!